Coronavirus Update - 3.19.20

In order to protect the health of all members of our congregation and to comply with government guidance during the worsening coronavirus situation, the elders have now determined that all services and activities will be canceled through the end of March.  During the remainder of March, a live-streamed worship service will be available beginning at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings through the Seneca church of Christ Facebook page.  The elders encourage each of us to participate in this online worship period.


In order to join the live stream you must have a Facebook account.  If you have “liked” the church Facebook page you will automatically receive a notification that the live stream has begun.  You can also search for ‘Seneca church of Christ’ in the Facebook app and find the live stream that way as well.  If you do not have access to the internet or feel you have inadequate streaming capabilities, please join a household near you on Sunday that does.

We will be distributing communion packets in advance.  Please arrange a time to pick yours up from the church building or request that we deliver communion to you.  We will also include singing in our worship time.  Copies of songs will be handed out with the communion.  Contributions can be mailed in or set aside to bring next month.

The church would also like to offer assistance by delivering communion packets, bulletins, food, medicine, and living essentials to those who feel it is unsafe to go out.  If you could benefit from this service or would like to volunteer as a shopper and distributor, please contact the church office.

If you have questions, prayer requests, or need help preparing for Sunday, my (David) cell phone number is 864-247-3224.  Thank you for your patience.  Be strong in the Lord.